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PDF to word free online conversion - convert any PDF file into an editable document

New technologies of SautinSoft, allows you to convert PDF to Word and graphics using the free online converter for Windows and the applications SDK

The PDF document is, nowadays, the most popular format for storing and sharing documents. That's because it has some advantages over other formats for storing documents. PDF files can be easily read using a very small application, they can be shared with ease, as they take up less disk space than other document formats and they are also impossible to modify. This last feature can sometimes become a disadvantage, as there may be users who would like to modify a certain document, correct spelling mistakes and so on. In this case, one can install the Adobe Acrobat application, which is the most used for creating and editing documents.

Even though it's very popular, this application is very difficult to use, costs a lot of money and requires a very fast computer. These are not available for the First PDF app, which is a simple Windows program that allows you to turn any PDF document into a regular Word or text file. In this way, you will be able to easily edit a document using any document editor, like MS Word or Wordpad.

Installing First PDF is one simple task, as a few clicks are enough to get the program into your system. After installing and running the program, the user will be presented with a simple and graphical interface which allows converting several PDF files at the same time into DOC or TXT files. The program is compatible with any kind of PDF file, no matter what application is used to create it.

After loading the desired PDF files into the program's interface, the user will only need to select the desired format and then click on the large GO button. In the shortest time possible, all his documents will be converted into editable text files. First PDF supports even complex PDF documents, which include a lot of graphical and media elements.

Pros: It allows you to convert any PDF file into an editable document. Besides that, several PDF files can be converted at the same time. Furthermore, the interface is very simple and intuitive.

Cons: There are no options for customizing the quality of the resulting document file or for customizing the functionality of the conversion process.

First PDF allows you to easily and quickly convert any PDF document into an editable text file

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