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How to converting a simple HTML page, and begin to use in MS Word?

It is the fine program. Now I spend much less the time for processing HTML-files. As the editor of the newspaper, daily analyzing electronic mass-media, the HTML-converter helps me to make reports in Microsoft Word

HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro 3.1.0 is an application that allows users to easily export data from a HTML document into Microsoft Word in a simple, integrated workflow. The resulting document looks exactly like the original HTML file (web-page) the tables are unchanged and located in their appropriate places, the alignment is exactly the same, font face, color and size are not altered, and bold, italic and underlined text stays what it should be. But these are not the only advantages of HTMLtoRTF Converter.

"We know that most knowledge workers need to be able to distribute information either through printed reports or by sharing documents. We enable that by allowing them to use a practically universal tool which is reliable, easy to use and well liked," said Max Sautin, CEO of SautinSoft. " HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro 3.1.0 not only supplies a simple, reliable method for moving data from HTML to Word, it also allows users to re-use their work so that they can spend more time on analysis and less time on drudge." Users can drag and drop any field in the HTML document into an Word template. Formatting and functions can be applied to the fields which are dynamically generated so that if the underlying data changes, users can just run the report again to update them.

HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro 3.1.0 is compatible all Windows. Templates are saved in .rtf format which means they are compatible with Office 2000 through 2010

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