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Document .Net Gives API to generate, load and parse DOCX, RTF, PDF and Text documents in .Net and C#"

SautinSoft announces Document .Net the new C# library, allowing will help you in development of applications which operates with DOCX, RTF, PDF and Text documents.. After adding of the reference to "SautinSoft.Document.dll" (it's 100% C# managed assembly) you will be able to create a new document, parse an existing, modify anything what you want.

- Generate new document on fly and fill it by necessary data.
- Load existing document and get all it's structure as tree of objects.
- Modify paragraph formatting, text, tables, TOC and other elements in existing document.
- Parse the document and get the tree of its objects.
- Replace, merge any data in documents and save as new DOCX, Text or RTF.
- Convert between PDF, DOCX, RTF and Text.

Product Highlights: Created in 100% managed C#.
- No Microsoft Office automation.
- Has own DOCX parser and renderer according to ECMA-376 specification.
- Has own RTF parser and renderer according to RTF 1.8 specification.
- Has own PDF parser according to PDF reference 1.7.

Requrements and Technical Information
Requires only .Net 4.0 or above. Our product is compatible with all .Net languages and supports all Operating Systems where .Net Framework can be used.
Note that «Document .Net» is entirely written in managed C#, which makes it absolutely standalone and an independent library. Of course, No dependency on Microsoft Word.
 Reasonable prices
The library offers for developers comprehensive API to do all what they want with DOCX, RTF, PDF and Text formats at reasonably prices. The main point of interest is that «Document .Net» is less expensive than all of its more or less popular counterparts.

Document .Net can be integrated into any application designed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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